Materials and Fabrication

The clutches and handbags are made of durable fabrics, cotton denim, cotton twills, cotton canvas prints, cotton blends, linen, silks and wools.

All fabrics are hand-picked by me. When possible, materials are locally sourced. Each clutch is constructed with an interface that holds its shape. The seams are backstitched and each bag may or may not include clousure or snap.

Care and Wash

Each Bettina Iantorno Clutch comes with care-and-wash instructions, hand washed or dry-cleaned. For example, if hand-washed, “when the clutch is dry use a muslin cloth on top of the fashion fabric and inside the lining and gently iron with steam. Put the setting on your iron according to the fabric. Never machine wash as it can distort or shrink the clutch.”